March 2018, Bloch Consulting is proud to congratulate Roland Michael to 30 years in the business! Nobody could have known where this road may lead when back in 1988, Roland Michael set up his first office in Denver, Colorado, managing a local group called “Static Incision” which went on to sell an amazing amount of 50.000 copies of their first single. Further projects led to bigger things, remixing records for greats, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. and setting up his first production company “Rojam Music” in Los Angeles, back in 1990 with “Prince” rapper Sir Jam. Roland has had the pleasure to work with artists such as Willie Nelson, owning and heading the infamous “Outlaw Records” together with Nelson back in the early 1990s, as well as working with many other great singers and on great projects, one highlight surely being the “History Tour” with Michael Jackson in 1997 and the “Olympic Games” in Sydney in 2000, where he worked with the IOC on a special Olympic Ambassador project. He also set up a publishing company with BMG in 1996 called “Rojam Music Publishing” which he still runs successfully with now Universal Music Publishing. Bloch Consulting is thankful to have this extensive experience and input in their daily business affairs and is looking forward to a long striving relationship ahead. He now is an important factor in the new “Live Market” strategy of Bloch Consulting, bringing his longstanding contacts with artists, managers and agents to the table in order to assure great and smooth deals, otherwise not possible for a boutique company such as Bloch.