November 2016, Bloch Consulting is proud to announce the official launch of Bloch Concerts this November 1st 2016. Bloch Concerts will focus on promoting major live shows all over Europe. The start was made this year with the Rock Festival “Rock in Palma” and will continue in 2017 with several Rock and Music shows incl. “The Legends Series”. Negotiations with are on the way in order to secure some world wide acts and high class entertainment. This is also a major step, back to familiar grounds, working with professional artists and companies, instead of start ups and new comers who often lack the experience and endurance to make the big time. The business is getting harder and harder and therefore it takes extreme measures to succeed. Bloch has proven to be a survivor for close to 30 years now in the business and we are as excited to be playing in the arena as we were on the first day!