November 2016, Last Saturday Leon collected a brand new drum kit which has been given to Leon as he is now an endorsed artist by the Cambridge Drum Company . Leon and Kindred Shins are really over the moon with this as first and foremost it elevates our sound to a higher level but more important it shows the faith that Ian at Cambridge Drums has in us ( Leon / Kindred Shins) to represent and promote his brand . Leon is now the 5th drummer on the Cambridge Drum Co roster which is in full Gilson Lavis,Clark Trcey, Dan Western, and Tom Toggle. So Leon is in great company with those 4 excellent Drummers. You can see and hear the kit in action for the first time this Saturday 12/11 at the gig at The Square Harlow . I can tell you it sounds fantastic and looks equally as good. It is Maple ply with Ash veneer stained Black with a satin lacquered finish it consists of a 24 x 15 Kick with a 13 x 9 Rack Tom with a 16 x 14 and a 16 x 16 Floor Toms. Added to this is the 14 x 5.5 Snare we have had for a while now, its a truly great kit . Once again a huge thank you tan and also to Adam who is the master craftsman at Cambridge Drum Co. Now us Tramps will have to get an extra shopping trolley to transport it to and from gigs .