October 2022, it is with great pleasure to be part of the 25th anniversary and re-release of Janet Jacksons “The Velvet Rope” album. Congratulations to Janet Jackson and UMG.

25 years later, the impact of The Velvet Rope can still be felt around the world, and heard across several forms of music. Since its release, industry leaders such as RihannaUsher, The Weeknd, Kelly Rowland, and many others, have cited the album’s influence in some form or fashion. It is also considered to have been critical to the development of alternative R&B, a popular sub-genre that includes some of today’s most notable acts. 

The freedom exuded on Jackson’s sixth studio release empowered many generations of artists to not only push their boundaries musically, but to embrace the subjects and themes that were once considered taboo. For Janet, The Velvet Rope may have represented a moment in time, but for everyone else, it was a body of work that solidified her status as a cultural icon.